East Sussex Brighton & Hove LDC

The East Sussex Brighton & Hove LDC exists to support the needs of local Dentists. The LDC is an independent body funded by GDPs themselves via a compulsory Statutory Levy. This amount of levy paid by each GDP is related to their NHS income. This Levy is restricted to meeting the costs of administration of the Committee and may not be used for anything else. In addition, GDPs are asked to contribute to a Voluntary Levy, which is used to finance such events as the LDC Annual Conference and to allow the committee to make donations towards funding the British Dental Guild and charitable organisations supporting dentists e.g. the Sick Dentists’ Scheme.

As the local representative committee for Independent Dental Practitioners, the LDC has the statutory right to be consulted by the above Primary Care Trusts and the Strategic Health Authority on issues relating to the dental profession including negotiations around provision of General and Personal Dental Services.

The Committee is a statutory body representing GDPs based in East Sussex Brighton & Hove. In the main, these will be GDPs working as providers / performers with Brighton & Hove City Primary Care Trust (PCT) Sussex Downs & Weald PCT, and Hastings & Rother PCT.  The main function of the Committee is to represent and support General Dental Practitioners (GDPs); to ensure that GDPs are properly valued, their skills effectively utilised, and that whilst serving the public, they are able to uphold appropriate standards of practice.

If you need help with any Contractual, Performance, Quality or Disciplinary issue, or if you need representation or advice, and are an East Sussex Brighton & Hove levy payer, we are here to help and support you.